Jerome Faria Front End Engineer

A long-overdue update…

It has been a minute since the last time I updated this thing and, to be quite honest, it’s almost time for that new year resolution to kick in and for me to add “starting a blog” to that never-ending list of shit I never get to do. So this time around, I figured I would pick up where I left off and try to do something about it.

The last time I wrote here, I mentioned how Instagram had helped me get into the habit of writing regularly, and it worked for a while until I got kicked out of the platform recently for some unknown reason. What happened was that every time I would launch the app, I would get automatically redirected to a help page telling me that I needed to request help to secure my account. Despite multiple attempts to reset my password and two-factor authentication, I would get the same screen again after a day or two.

It happened continuously for a week until I became fed up and simply deactivated both my Instagram and Facebook account. Seriously, fuck Facebook! I still need to keep WhatsApp because of close people that I would like to keep in touch with, but apart from that, I am moving most of my conversation to either iMessage or the good old email.

Anyway, since I’m off most socials now, I decided it would be a good opportunity to try and keep writing regularly on my own space, maybe about different things also. I realised that I could share some tips and tricks about my work as a software developer, and my learn to document some things that I sometimes do for work or on my own.

I’m going to try and keep these relatively short to see how it goes, and maybe I can further develop down the line. The most daunting things about writing about programming are the feeling that it might seem irrelevant due to the abundance of content available online, but I’m going to try and do this for my own sake and exercise of writing as I used to do writing about my record collection on Instagram.